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HP Plotter is a trading name of Resolution (GB) Limited which was set up in February 2000 by its original founder and visionary Tony Bray. 

We are a small dynamic family-run business with a number of offices and distribution depots throughout the UK.  Our quirky headquarters are located in rural Oakley, Hampshire (in a former large battery hen factory) with 21st century high tech solar panels.   

Nicola Bray is the MD (taking over from the former MD in 2011 following his death) and has moved the business forward, implementing changes such as online shopping with unrivalled knowledge sharing with customers.  In this way HP Plotter caters to both core customers who want (and seek out) our expert advice, while also supporting those who know exactly what product they want to buy online or customers who just like browsing or researching!

These days, we have nearly 7000 customers and a network of engineers across the UK. We are experts in the field of HP Designjets and have gained an excellent reputation within the marketplace. 

We're pretty modest but also incredibly proud of having created a top-notch company where we enjoy relationships with customers over many years.  We receive great references week after week but we also work hard each day to make HP Plotter even better.  Just ask our customers what they think!