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Our HP Certifications

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We have a number of HP 'ologies', with memberships to a number of different HP Programs (please forgive the American spelling!): 

It probably goes without saying that we have built up a good relationship with HP over the years, and are members of a number of HP Partner Programs (please forgive the American spelling!) as follows:-

Designjet Elite Club Partner  

HP Partner Program - Designjet Elite Club (DEC) Status 2013

This is the 'big' one. Only the top 12 performing companies in the UK have DEC status - and joining is by special invitation only. The DEC accounts for 80% of all Designjet sales and revenues and 5-10 years ago contained a few hundred members. HP have now modified this to provide only for the 'elite' - the best performing companies with the best business models that offer the highest customer service. You have to be HP Preferred Partners, HP PartnerOne Specialists and HP Designjet Value Gold Specialists to be considered for the DEC. We have been DEC partners since 2009.

Designjet Value Gold Specialist 2013  

HP Partner Program - HP Designjet Value GOLD Specialist 2013

This means we are HP's most trusted and qualified resellers in the IT business who are authorised to consult, sell and support customers with large format printer requirements. We have to be a HP Preferred Partner and HP PartnerOne Partner before being considered for this specialist field program.  The DSV (Designjet Value Specialists) are awarded to HP's top 5% of resellers selected from companies all across EMEA.  It means we are certified by HP and have to take a number of exams each year to show an understanding of the full HP Designjet product portfolio and solutions. Whether we are advising architects, engineers, copy shops, repro houses, photo professionals or graphic designers, we are able to recommend the best solution.

PartnerONE Partner  

HP Partner Program - HP PartnerOne Partner 2013

Being a HP PartnerOne Partner means that you benefit from our high quality planning, deployment, maintenance and support and you will receive tailored solutions to meet your business needs.  We have a HP Business Manager who will help us to address any issues being experienced by our customers to ensure the speediest resolution.  HP say of this program "Rest assured your IT investment is safe in HP PartnerOne Partner's hands.  We've developed close working relationships with our PartnerOne Partners and trust them to provide state-of-the-art solutions that meet your exact requirements at the right cost".

HP Preferred Partner  

HP Preferred Partners 2013

The HP Preferred Partner Program was established to enable HP to promote Preferred Partners to their end customers, while at the same time supporting a healthy, predictable return on Partner investment.  While this program still exists, the program has now expanded to split the Preferred Partner Program across 2 levels - HP Preferred Partner and HP Gold Specialist Preferred Partner (of which we're the latter).