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HP Plotter has integrity and will never rent, share or sell our subscriber list i.e. your information.  Not even if someone gorgeous like Brad Pitt or Cameron Diaz lays prostrate across one of our plotters, begging.  Our customers are too important to be bombarded with junk mail.   We appreciate you letting us have your details so that we can communicate with you - and we promise not to abuse that trust.  Our Privacy Policy is outlined more fully below - and it describes how we treat the information we collect when you visit our website and/or contact us through our web forms or telephone us.

Your information

We're nosey and we love hearing about your embarrasing moments, love life, shady past or skeletons in the closet as well as the next person (time permitting!) - but we don't write it down because (a) we often can't type fast enough and listen at the same time (b) there isn't anywhere on our system to store such info and (c) our MD would be annoyed if we did.  We don't collect any information except suitably generic stuff about what work we did on your plotter, your emails telling us you want to place an order, your contact details and any discussions we've had with you - such as 'Joe wants to order a black ink but his dog has eaten his credit card so he's going to arrange a BACS payment'.  We will not disclose your personal information to any third party without your consent, except as required to provide you with HP Plotter service and supplies (e.g. telling HP Distribution your name, address and contact telephone number in order to ship your goods out).  When you give out your credit card details we remove them from our systems once used - and any paper notes that we take with anything remotely sensitive go through the shredder.

About HP

Sometimes HP require your details in order that we can process your orders (such as free paper bundle deals, trade-ins, buy & try etc).  For example, in some cases we have to supply details of your invoice as proof of order (free paper deals) - or when we sell you a HP Care Pack it will require a process of registration in order to be activated - which means us inputting your company name, address and contact details as well as the serial number and model number of your Designjet printer.   HP often try to obtain information out of end users for all the right reasons - i.e. in order to develop better products.  They may ask such questions as:  what printers you have, how much printing you do, what you think about the product etc.   In short, we only pass your details to HP on a strictly 'need to know' basis as we hate giving anything away.  It's the only way in some instances we can give you the best price deals or service or additional programmes.  We hope that you're OK with that.  

Other information

In order to make our services better, we may also request information from you such as send you 'How did we do?' forms.  We may share our findings on our website or in marketing material.  Normally it's not personally identifiable - we tend to use it to rally staff...why have we only got 'Very good' for this job and not 'Excellent'?...or for knocking out percentages such as ...40% of all of our customers hold on to printers which have been obsolete since the dark ages and have found a new way to prop open their fire doors.  However, if you're nice enough to give us a personal reference then you may see your name (or company name) appear - perhaps not in lights but on our website or marketing blurb or emails.  We do this so that any references we receive have a degree of authenticity.  (Customers like that).  We always give you the option to make it anonymous so you can write what you want about who you are as long as you are happy e.g.  "Fab job" - from Fat bird who drives a Volvo and who works for a large telecoms company.   This information will not in itself make it possible for us to corner the market on Designjet sales or printer repairs, but we always live in hope.  The key thing is that no third party will receive information from us - we just utilise this information to make our services better and in turn win more business.

Usage information

It is important for us to gather information about how our site is used:  How much time do users spend on our site, how many pages on average do they look at before they wander off, how many of them take notice of our marketing and click onto a landing page we've created for them, which companies visited our website and what pages are they looking at? how many of our competitors are sneaking peaks at our website and copying our prices.  err... yes.  All of this information is collected to help us have a handle on who our web audience is, what works/doesn't work for customers - and how we can improve our website to make things better.

Review and Access

If you want to know what information we hold on you or your company then just contact us and we can provide you with the details.  If you wish we can correct, update or modify this information.  You don't have to send us chocolates or even ask nicely.  We'll do it because it's the right thing to do.  But office staff reserve the right to cry if you're really mean about it.  And then we're going to have to add a statement to say that you made one of us cry. You'll feel bad.   

How to Unsubscribe

You can unsubscribe from receiving HP Plotter emails at any time - just click on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.  You can phone us on 01256 783390 to unsubscribe - and we'll do it same day.  You can email us to unsubscribe ( or you can send us a letter:  HP Plotter, Park Farm, Rectory Road, Oakley, Hants, RG23 7ED. 

Links to Other Sites

We occasionally point you to other websites - although it has to be said it's mainly HP.  We only point you to sites which provide an added dimension which our own website currently doesn't do - and we do it to increase your HP Designjet knowledge experience.  We won't point you to porn sites, gambling sites, dating agencies (even if you might need one) or anything else.  


We have a secure server.  The password is not 'let me in'.  We don't give out passwords.  We only ask that all the worlds greatest hackers who can press 'the button' if they wanted to, don't bother with us.  Guys we're boring - and our customers only talk about plotters.  Give it up.   Some of you have webcams attached to your monitor...for others the webcam is integral to your monitor design.  We don't watch you through them and we have no idea who/where/how you can get hold of this stuff to do this either.  That aside...we like what you're wearing today. 


This is the small (possibly chocolate sized) text files placed on your computer in order to help our website retrieve information about you to give you the best possible service and to help you (and us) remember what you placed in your shopping basket.  These cookies allow us to recognise you and assist you with your user experience and to prod you if you've fallen asleep part way through a purchase.  We never use cookies to obtain any information from your computer not related to our site.  We don't really mind what you do once you leave our website.  No really.  Your secret is safe.     


If we decide to update our policy at any time you can be sure to read it here.  Right here is where it's all at.

Contact us

If you have any questions about how we use your information then please get in touch with us.   We'd love to hear from you.