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HP Instant Printing Utility

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What is it?

HP Instant Printing Utility lets you conveniently print files in large format, whether these are architectural or mechanical designs, or whether you are working in MS Office 2007 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) - just straight from your desktop!

HP GL/2 is a standard file format developed by HP for CAD applications that is generated when choosing the "Print to file" option and includes all print job settings, ready to reprint.

What are the plus points?

In short, it's more convenient, faster and more reliable as follows:

  • Convenient
    • Just right click one or more files and select HP Instant Printing Utility to send them to any HP large format printer that is installed in your printer folder
    • You can use HP-GL/2 files as proofs of your printed CAD projects and reprint them easily
    • Avoid possible errors - wasting time and media - by using HP Instant Printing Utility scaling, rotate, and real-time print preview features
  • Faster
    • Save time printing in-house and eliminate expensive outsourcing and delivery
    • Process HP-GL/2 and PDF even faster using the memory in the printer and free up your computer (noting that PDF works with all supported printers, but uses the built-in memory only for PS embedded units)
    • Continue working without interruptions, concentrating on your core tasks and design work
  • More Reliable
    • The software is optimised to avoid network traffic jams that may compromise print quality by significantly reducing the file size sent to the printer
    • Get the same results on any HP Designjet and avoid trial and error

Which printers can use HP Instant Printing Utility?

HP Instant Printing Utility works with most of the nearly 2,000,000 Designjets that HP has sold in its 25 year history of large format printing and includes the following older printer models as well as many others:

HP Designjet 110plus
HP Designjet 130
HP Designjet 510 printer series
HP Designjet 4020/4520 printer series
HP Designjet T620 printer series
HP Designjet T770 printer series
HP Designjet T1120 printer series
HP Designjet T1200 printer series
HP Designjet Z2100 printer series
HP Designjet Z3200 printer series
HP Designjet Z6100 printer series

Where can I download HP Instant Printing Utility?

HP Click replaced the HP Instant Printing Utility. You can download HP Click free from here