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With every advance in technology there are inevitable downsides.  When emails replaced letters, making communication faster and easier, we all inherited junk mail, email scams and viruses. With the explosive growth in networked printers, companies must now learn how to migrate both technology and business practices to cope with minimising any security vulnerabilities.


Most organisations don’t see the need to protect their printers from attack, but in reality a printer is just like any other networked component and has vulnerabilities which can be exploited. 


With our PLOTTACK Solution Offering, we will provide all of our customers with a FREE Vulnerability Assessment which will identify:


  • Known vulnerabilities
  • Missing patches
  • Mis-configurations
  • Open services and backdoors on all of your end points
  • Scan of internal + external IP ranges 
  • Management through customer Cloud Portal
  • Comprehensive Reporting


PLOTTACK is based upon Nessus Technology which can perform a wide range of audits. After receiving our FREE assessment check, you will then be sent a no obligation quote to plug any identified security gaps.


  • No-one wants to admit anything, for obvious reasons!

    HP Plotter


  • Who could be vulnerable to attacks via their Printer fleet?

    Any company which uses networked printers (IP printers) may be vulnerable. Many businesses have fleets of networked printers and as those printers are internal to the network they can be used as an attack relay point to further exploit other internal systems.

  • Who has experienced such issues in the industry?

    As per deep-web information, hackers claimed to have successfully hacked networked printers at various well known establishments (household names).

  • What can Hackers really do anyway?

    If a printer is compromised, it can be used as a hop to launch further attacks into the client’s network. Also it can be used to check your printer usage such as ink levels - and potentially send spam prints to your machines.

  • What makes a Printer any more risk than a Smart Phone or Fax machine, for example?

    Smartphones are seen as a mini-PC and therefore updates are regularly installed as you would on a desktop. Printers are seen as dumb printing machines with no need for protection

  • What can customers do to protect themselves

    Ensure passwords are reset from standard factory settings. Undertake a free Security audit around their IT infrastructure and carry out any remediation work

  • What can we offer Customers in order to check for threats or weakneses, then protect them?

    We will undertake a comprehensive Security audit, using all tools and methodologies a real Hacker would. We find the vulnerabilities, create a comprehensive report with mitigation strategies and can implement those strategies to close loopholes. (We'll also let you know if your printer is low on ink and ask if you would like to re-order more supplies).

  • What are the benefits?

    Being protected from attacks. Saving funds on being pro-active rather than waiting until an attack occurs.

  • Why should a customer want to take this seriously and get the free assessment done?

    The threats are real and the news tell about new breaches, lawsuits and hacking cases on a daily basis.

  • How easy is it to do?

    All work can be done remotely and from a logistics point of view it’s easy to undertake.

  • How expensive are the solutions?

    Solutions are tailored to customer network size and needs. Solutions are affordable and good value for money for any business.

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