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When you visit our website for the first time, something called a "cookie" will be downloaded onto your device - it's quite normal and safe - and it doesn't really resemble anything edible.  This cookie collects information about you and shares it with us.  God how we laughed.  um... OK that part was a fib.  Cookies only tell us really boring things about you that are good for us to know - and in turn it provides you with an overall better shopping experience.  

So in other words, while our cookies pave the way for you to have a nice smooth and easy time shopping, your device is busy blabbing about you.  Blab blab blab blab... OK.  No.  Not quite that bad.  Your computer simply tells us some non personal stuff like: how long you've visited us on our website, how you landed on our website, whether you're a returning visitor, what type of browser you're using, which country you're from, your language settings ...and so on.   As well as not giving us any personal details, we receive this information as a bunch of stats covering all of our visitors within a certain timeframe.  To be honest we use some of it to see whether our web pages are appealing or not.  For example it may tell us that 85% of people exited on a certain web page.  That's not so great if it's our page offering BOGOF (buy one get one free) but it might make sense if it's our BOG OFF page...that little used sales tool.  Our SEO specialists also say they find it useful to utilise this information to help work out our Google Pay per Click campaigns - so we let them loose with it.

Behind the scenes though, we just want to do our very best for our website visitors.  Nothing fancy - just sensible stuff really.  We rely on our cookies to mimic a nice, friendly and helpful shopkeeper (and purveyor of all HP Designjet knowledge).  Of course if you telephone us we'll do this part so much better than our cookies - but computers do have their place.  Personally we hope to take over the world with HP Designjet large format printers but we're reliably informed that this probably won't happen.  We're gutted. No - don't placate us - we're too upset right now. well as our own harmless cookies, we also have an equally harmless but more inquisitive third party cookie on our website which gives us more personalised information - although it's all totally on the 'up and up'.  This cookie can tell us who some of our site visitors are, the search terms they used to land on our website, which page they landed on, whether they've visited our website before and if they've filled in one of our 'contact us' forms.   

If you don't like our cookies and you want to gag your device from talking to us, then you can delete any cookies simply by opening your browser settings and selecting 'clear cookies'.  However our computer doesn't prove quite as helpful when you do this as she can't see or hear you in the same way.  Personally we think she's sulking. 

So just to reiterate - our cookies aren't harmful and won't obtain any sensitive personal information about you and of course we don't sell on any information we receive.  The cookies simply help us to generally know more about our website visitors and how they interact with us - while allowing us to do some cool stuff like retaining your shopping cart for you etc.